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Evolution in Mobility Technology - Report

by AutoMobility Advisor’s Partha Goswami

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Introducing a new report on Mobility Trends – leveraging a decade of experience in tracking automotive industry trends.

The mobility industry is experiencing the most significant transformation in its century-long history.  While Connected vehicle, Autonomous technology, Services, and Electrification (CASE) remain crucial components of this transition, the fundamental shift lies in the evolution from a mechanical hardware-centric system to a cloud-connected, software-centric, and sustainable re-engineering of vehicles as platforms.

Over the past decade, the industry has witnessed remarkable changes, and the last six months have been particularly eventful. Here’s a summary of recent developments:

AV Testing and Safety Discussions: In September, a Cruise autonomous robotaxi encountered a revealing edge case, sparking an industry-wide discussion on AV testing, deployment, and safety. This discussion is expected to shape future deployment and investment strategies.

Rise of Large Language Models (LLMs): ChatGPT, introduced less than a year earlier, has made large language models (LLMs) almost synonymous with AI. By the end of 2023, even the automotive industry had adopted LLM technology to develop AI-driven voice assistants.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and CES: At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, there were as many electric construction and farming machines showcased as electric cars. The event also underscored the emergence of a supply chain ecosystem ready to support software-centric vehicle development.

Apple’s Car Project and Xiaomi’s Entry: After a decade of development, Apple announced the termination of its much-speculated-about “car project”. Concurrently, Xiaomi, the third-largest global smartphone manufacturer from China, unveiled its flagship automobile at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February 2024. It’s worth noting that Xiaomi did not exist before 2010.

The EVOLUTION IN MOBILITY TECHNOLOGY Report explores the evolving trends of the mobility industry, leveraging a decade of experience in observing and analyzing emerging technology trends. It distills recent developments and showcases technologies demonstrated by stakeholders, framing them within the context of the industry’s ongoing transformation. 

The result is a comprehensive assessment encapsulated in twelve specific themes or trends that define the industry’s transformation. These trends have not emerged from isolated events but are the culmination of years of developments, linking recent stories, press releases, or technology demonstrations with perspectives from the past. 

Takeaways for Your Organization:

◈ Whether you’re a strategist, technologist, decision-maker, veteran, or newcomer to the auto industry, and regardless of whether your organization is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or a startup, this report offers affordably priced insights that may reaffirm your perspectives or provide new insights.

◈ It provides key information to enhance your understanding of this dynamic and evolving industry at this critical juncture, offering guidance on navigating the rapid changes and seizing opportunities in this new era of mobility.

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About the author: Partha Goswami

About the author: Partha Goswami

AMA Thought Leader, Principal Consultant
Partha Goswami has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry in R&D, Planning and Technology strategy. In his most recent role in GM as Professional Fellow of technology trends, he was responsible for identifying emerging trends and their strategic impacts. Dr. Goswami is actively engaged in the industry, as speaker, writer and as advisor in several industry groups. As the Principal at PG Mobility Analysis LLC, Dr. Goswami continues to consults and focus on emerging trends and future of the automotive industry. He also serves as the director of technology strategy at 3IS, Inc. and a consulting partner with Auto Mobility Advisors.