In the fast-changing automotive mobility space, you need someone that can help guide you and your business to select the right partners, strike the right agreements, and reach the early-adopting customers that will drive your business success. 

At AutoMobility Advisors, we focus on helping companies develop their capabilities within the CASES framework, and can support you in these areas:




Within the domain of connected cars, our expertise lies in leveraging extensive knowledge and industry connections in key areas, including telematics, infotainment, remote services, and predictive maintenance. We excel in providing insightful guidance, strategic insights, and facilitating meaningful connections to enhance your understanding and proficiency in these areas. Step into a world where our competencies ensure a holistic approach to the complexities of connected cars, enriching your professional landscape within the automotive industry.



In the autonomous vehicles arena our expertise lies in strategic insights and extensive industry connections. Some of the areas we specialize in include SAE Level 2-5, navigating the intricacies of autonomous functionalities. We specialize in ecosystem development, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected elements crucial for success. With a focus on technology selection, we guide clients through the nuanced process of choosing optimal solutions tailored to their autonomous vehicle objectives. Additionally, our experts knowledge includes regulatory advocacy, providing valuable support to navigate and adhere to the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding autonomous technologies. 


SHARED Mobility

Within the landscape of shared mobility, our proficiency spans key areas essential for success. From new ownership solutions to optimizing shared services, we guide clients through the intricacies of fleet operations and innovative business models. Our strategic insights and industry connections contribute to a holistic understanding of shared mobility, allowing our clients to navigate these complex areas with confidence.



In the electric vehicles (EVs) domain, our expertise focuses on facilitating pathways to electrification. AMA’s thought leaders bring extensive knowledge to key areas, offering strategic insights into EV monitoring, optimizing remote services, and navigating the complexities of charging networks.


SECURITY and Privacy

The AMA team brings comprehensive knowledge to key areas, including the implementation of Security Operations Centers (SOC), ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), navigating the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), and guiding clients through strategic technology selections. Immerse yourself in a space where our knowledge and connections contribute to a secure and privacy-focused approach, empowering you to navigate the landscape with confidence.

Fields of Expertise

our clients

Auto technology Startups

Early stage

10-100 people

Post Revenue

Mid-Size Auto Tech Services Companies​

Digital Engineering

App developers

Connected vehicles

Data Analytics

Large Technology Providers - Auto focused


Account conquest | prospecting

New Business Development

Business Strategy 


We collaborate with partners worldwide

Valtech Mobility | München, Bayern, Germany

Sinclair Broadcast Group | Cockeysville, MD

VinAI | Hanoi City, Vietnam

grape up | Poland

Moter | Torrance, California

WirelessCar | Gothenburg, Sweden

HTEC | Belgrade, Serbia

EXL Services | NYC

Viaduct | Menlo Park, CA

Our Clients

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Leveraging our wealth of experience, we’ve successfully guided companies through the selection process of technology providers, partners, and solutions, particularly in areas like Over-the-air Software Updates (OTA), Software Defined Vehicle (SDV), Digital Twin, Edge Computing, Cloud-to-Cloud Integration, Collaboration, and Engagement. 

Automobility Advisors stands poised to contribute to the development, growth, and expansion of your mobility solutions. Our approach involves active collaboration with you and your management team, ensuring a professional and efficient partnership. We understand the inherent challenges of launching a new business and the scarcity of resources. In alignment with your journey, we diligently work with you to tailor an engagement that perfectly aligns with your business needs, offering the strategic accelerator you’ve been searching for.

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