Welcome to the Automobility Advisors’ Team Event Lineup at Autotech Detroit 2024!
From June 4th through June 6th, join us at one of the automotive industry’s most anticipated events of the year. We are very proud of our team’s participation throughout the event. We invite you to meet with our experts as they lead thoughtful fireside chats, and interactive panel discussions, all designed to inspire and inform. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with leaders in automotive technology and explore the future of mobility solutions with Automobility Advisors at the forefront.

Insurance – The Next Generation


April 25, 2024

In an accident? Pelted by a freak hailstorm? Hit a deer? The universal answer to all of these problems has for over a century been car insurance. The first car insurance policy was taken out by a Dayton, Ohio resident in 1897, covering the owner in case the vehicle damaged property or hurt/killed an individual. Since then, the car insurance market has ballooned into an enormous industry, with the US car insurance market valued at nearly $400 billion in 2023. Car insurance rates have grown steadily with the increasing price and complexity of new vehicles. With average new car prices reaching a staggering $47,000 in 2023, it is no secret that premiums are on the rise. Cars now have hundreds of sensors collecting the data required for advanced mobility and connected car features. No longer does a simple fender bender cost a few hundred dollars to repair.

Auto’s Duty To Data Details

AutoMobility Roadmap April 2 2024

As our world has grown increasingly interconnected over the last three decades, more and more of our time is spent online. Online transactions and interactions all involve the exchange of differing amounts of data, whether it’s credit card information to make an online purchase, or a live information feed from a connected car.

Sustaining the Auto Industry


AutoMobility Roadmap Newsletter Sustaining the Auto Industry November 8, 2023 November 8, 2023 Since the Second World War, every decade of American automotive culture has had a defining characteristic. The 1950s were defined by chrome and fins, the 60s by muscle cars, the 70s by the malaise, and so on and so forth. While it […]

The Green Acceleration

AutoMobility Roadmap Newsletter The Green Acceleration October 23, 2023 Rapid technological advancement is often a symptom of great human need. On a fateful December day in 1903, the Wright Brothers accomplished the first controlled flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft. After almost 5000 years of human civilization, this was the first time that humans were able […]

Turning EV Dreams Into Reality: Fleet Edition

Turning Ev Dreams into Reality

EVs are solidifying their place as the future of automotive technology. With billions of dollars of investment pouring in from national governments and the private sector, it is abundantly clear that electric technology is here to stay.