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CES 2024 - It's An Auto Show!

January 25, 2024

AutoMobility Roadmap Newsletter

This past week marked the 56th annual Consumer Electronics Show and the 100th anniversary of the Consumer Technology Association. From January 9-12, thousands of exhibitors and around 140 thousand attendees from across the world flocked to Las Vegas to see the cutting edge of technology. At the event the AMA team set about facilitating dozens of meetings and walked nearly 200 total miles across the bustling Las Vegas Strip and Convention Center complex. So with another successful event all done, there are a few key themes and takeaways that dominated the show and captured significant buzz, fascination, and praise. From Artificial Intelligence to Sustainability, CES innovators showed up in force this year, solidifying the post-pandemic rebound into 2024.

Kia’s PBV EV van demo – Photo Courtesy of Mariestella.

Once more, the automotive sector took center stage at CES, stealing the spotlight with its innovative presentations and groundbreaking advancements. Focusing on electric vehicles, their infrastructure, and sustainability processes, the industry solidified its commitment to driving forward a greener and more technologically advanced future. Companies such as Hyundai-Kia, Honda, VinFast, and Mercedes-Benz dedicated a great deal of time, money, and effort to show off the newest in EV technology.

Kia’s booth featuring PBV EV van demos. Photo by Mariestella.

For example, Kia unveiled a massive new line of EV vans called the PBV. These all-electric vans were shown in both consumer and commercial configurations, and fostered great excitement for the future of the Korean manufacturer. PBV, stands for “Platform Beyond Vehicle”, and aims to take the software-defined vehicle experience to the next level, utilizing this platform for a variety of services from rideshare and delivery, to family transportation usage. These vehicles all share a common platform, and Kia plans to have several of the models ready to enter the market over the next few years. Hyundai’s exhibits focused on in-vehicle advanced mobility technologies, including hydrogen power, and moved away from specific vehicle announcements. Overall, CES was an impressive showing from the Korean conglomerate.

VinFast booth in West Hall at CES. Photo by Mariestella.

VinFast from the Vietnamese VinGroup revealed an interesting variety of new technologies and new vehicles. In a widely publicized and well-attended press release, VinFast revealed two new EVs, the VF-3 and the VF Wild. The VF-3, which has a similar appearance to the iconic Suzuki Jimmy, boasts a significantly smaller profile and price range compared to its inspiration counterpart. More akin to the size of a Mini or Smart, the VF-3 is a small and economical addition to the entry-level electric SUV market. The VF Wild stole the show, with its avant-garde styling, clamshell doors, and fully foldable rear bench seating. The radical pickup truck design of the VF Wild positions it to compete with other unorthodox EV trucks such as Tesla’s Cybertruck. Hoping to offer a more affordable option than the F-150 Lightning, Chevy Silverado EV, and Rivian R1T, the Wild will start at around $45,000 when it goes on sale in 2026.

The unveiling of the VinFast VF Wild EV truck in West Hall at CES. Photo by Mariestella.

VinFast’s sister company (and fellow VinGroup subsidiary), VinAi unveiled several revolutionary new in-car features that were exhibited in their VF-8 test demo vehicles. “Mirrorsense,” an all-new safety feature created by VinAi, has the ability to track where drivers are looking and automatically adjust in-car mirrors to provide for optimal positioning. This new feature even received “Honoree” status from the show’s CES Innovation Awards.

AMA’s Chip Goetzinger driving the VF-8 testing Vin Ai’s MirrorSense. Photo by Mariestella.

Other cool tech such as their system of cameras which allow drivers to see through the floor of the car in any situation in which a camera may be required were highly impressive, and demonstrated a new push by VinGroup to take the lead in smart in-vehicle technology. VinFast and VinAi’s concerted efforts to widen brand appeal and offer impressive new features unique to the brand were noticeable at CES, making for an outstanding showing by this new automotive innovator.

Mercedes-Benz booth at the West Hall at CES, Las Vegas. Photo by Mariestella.

Mercedes-Benz was the only German OEM with an exhibition space at CES this year. Taking up a large space in the West Hall, M-B showed off their top of the line EQE and EQS models accompanied by a radically designed electric CLA concept car. Mercedes-Benz also spent much of the show showing off their redesigned MBUX platform, which is aimed at providing Mercedes owners a next-generation in-car experience via a new wall-to-wall touchscreen display with built-in artificial intelligence features. MBUX will allow users to play classic arcade games from Sega, Atari, and Nintendo, among a slew of other features. Mercedes’ new head unit caused quite a buzz at CES, drawing attention from OEMs, suppliers, and regular showgoers alike.

Honda took the lead among Japanese OEMs this year. Like Mercedes, it was the only Japanese manufacturer to have a floor exhibit. Honda revealed a new lineup of EVs called the 0 Series, showing off two all-new concept cars named the “Saloon” and “Space Hub.” Aimed at bringing elegance, safety, and a driver-focused experience to the EV market, Honda hopes to have the 0 Series vehicles ready to launch in 2026. Boasting AD/ADAS based safety features, the Saloon and Space Hub will be capable of Level 3 autonomous driving, on the same level as competitors such as Tesla. As yet another OEM launching a slew of new EVs in the next couple of years, Honda is poised to make its mark in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

Dr. John Heinlein, Ph.D giving George Ayres a tour of Sonatus booth in West Hall at CES. Photo by Mariestella.

One exciting event at CES was the live interview with George Ayres at the Sonatus booth. Dr. John Heinlein, Ph.D., Chief Marketing Officer of Sonatus, conducted an insightful conversation with George Ayres, Founder and Managing Director of AutoMobility Advisors, for their podcast called The Garage. The interview delved into topics such as software-defined vehicles, vehicle electrification, fleet management, and vehicle personalization. If you missed the live session, you can watch it here: Sonatus Garage Podcast @ CES 2024 Featuring George Ayres

A demo of AWS Cloud  at the Amazon Automotive booth in West Hall at CES. Photo by Mariestella.

In addition to the automotive highlights, AWS showcased its cutting-edge cloud computing solutions at CES. With a booth focused on automotive solutions that attracted tech enthusiasts and industry professionals alike, AWS demonstrated the power of cloud services in enabling innovation across various sectors. From artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to sustainable technologies, AWS presented a diverse range of solutions that align with the technological trends dominating CES.

Visitors to the AWS booth experienced firsthand the impact of cloud technology on smart features, safety, and advanced in-car experiences. AWS’s presence at CES underscored the role of cloud computing in shaping the future of connected vehicles and smart mobility. As the automotive industry embraces digital transformation, AWS continues to play a pivotal role in providing scalable and efficient cloud solutions for OEMs and technology partners.

Photo by Mariestella

As the curtains closed on the 56th annual Consumer Electronics Show, leaving behind a trail of innovation and technological marvels, the AMA team reflects on the dynamic landscape of CES 2024. From groundbreaking electric vehicle designs to revolutionary in-car technologies and the convergence of cloud computing solutions, the event showcased the resilience and evolution of the automotive industry. Live interviews, such as George Ayres’ engaging discussion at the Sonatus booth, added a personal touch to the multifaceted CES experience. With a nod to the future, where software-defined vehicles, sustainability, and cutting-edge advancements continue to shape the industry, the AMA team bids farewell to another successful CES, anticipating the continued progress and success that lies ahead in the dynamic realm of automotive technology.

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