Marketing to Women and Marketing Yourself

We are thrilled to announce a special event scheduled for January 17th at 10 am ET, featuring George Ayres, Managing Director of AutoMobility Advisors, in conversation with Chris Feuell, CEO of Chrysler Brand at Stellantis. Hosted by the Women Automotive Network, this engaging virtual session will center around the topic of ‘Marketing to Women and Marketing Yourself.’

George Ayres, an experienced professional deeply rooted in the automotive industry, will lead the conversation. Serving as the Managing Director of AutoMobility Advisors, he is a recognized thought leader with a keen understanding of industry trends and dynamics. This discussion presents a special opportunity for participants to gain insights into successful strategies for marketing to the influential demographic of women consumers.

Joining Ayres for this discussion is Chris Feuell, CEO of the Chrysler Brand at Stellantis. Recognized as a trailblazing woman CEO in automotive, Feuell stands at the helm of one of the most iconic brands in the industry. With an extensive background and a proven track record of leadership, she brings a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives to the conversation. Her role as CEO positions her uniquely to share valuable insights, making her a compelling addition to this exploration of marketing and leadership in the automotive landscape.

This conversation will provide valuable insights into marketing strategies for women in the automotive industry. Understanding and connecting with this demographic have become increasingly critical with shifting consumer preferences. Ayres and Feuell will discuss marketing intricacies and touch on broader aspects of leadership and personal branding.

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from industry leaders. Save the date on your calendars and stay tuned for more details on how to join this informative conversation on January 17th.

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