Insurance – The Next Generation


April 25, 2024

In an accident? Pelted by a freak hailstorm? Hit a deer? The universal answer to all of these problems has for over a century been car insurance. The first car insurance policy was taken out by a Dayton, Ohio resident in 1897, covering the owner in case the vehicle damaged property or hurt/killed an individual. Since then, the car insurance market has ballooned into an enormous industry, with the US car insurance market valued at nearly $400 billion in 2023. Car insurance rates have grown steadily with the increasing price and complexity of new vehicles. With average new car prices reaching a staggering $47,000 in 2023, it is no secret that premiums are on the rise. Cars now have hundreds of sensors collecting the data required for advanced mobility and connected car features. No longer does a simple fender bender cost a few hundred dollars to repair.

Auto’s Duty To Data Details

AutoMobility Roadmap April 2 2024

As our world has grown increasingly interconnected over the last three decades, more and more of our time is spent online. Online transactions and interactions all involve the exchange of differing amounts of data, whether it’s credit card information to make an online purchase, or a live information feed from a connected car.

ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Spectrum Webinar Series – No. 2

Automotive use of a Broadcast/Multicast Wireless Network to enhance 4G and 5G Automotive use of a Broadcast/Multicast Wireless Network to enhance 4G and 5G This webinar invites the automotive industry to take advantage of the next generation of IP based (Internet compatible) broadcast spectrum now being implemented at TV stations across the US and other […]