EVs for Everyone Podcast Interviews George Ayres of AutoMobility Advisors

The EVs for Everyone Podcast, hosted by Elena Ciccotelli, kicks off the episode of “Insights from Autotech Electrification in Detroit” in a conversation with George Ayres from AutoMobility Advisors. Recorded live at the AutoTech Electrification conference in Detroit, this episode captures Ayres’ insights drawn from his extensive automotive background and dynamic participation in various panel discussions focused on the consumer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) –Check out the upcoming webinar event “How To Use Connected Vehicle Data To Improve The EV Experience” to take place on December 4th here

Ayres talks about the intricate landscape of the rapidly expanding EV market, providing his perspective on the challenges and opportunities that shape the commercial electrification domain. His observations and strategic considerations offer our audience a comprehensive overview, and understanding of the industry’s evolving dynamics.

Throughout the conversation, George underscores the transformative potential embedded in connected vehicles, emphasizing the crucial role of collaborative efforts among companies within the electrification ecosystem. The episode concludes as Ayres delves into Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and usage-based insurance, highlighting the continued convergence of safety, technology, and insurance within the automotive industry.

Listen to the podcast below: