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The panel discussions and presentations at MOVE America have been incredibly insightful. Today, I started the day with: “The Strategic Supply Chain” Panel Discussion.

Moderated by Liz Kerton, Executive Director of AutoTech Council, the panel featured:

Amir Tirosh, COO of StoreDot Ltd
Genevieve Cullen, President of Electric Drive Transportation Association
Ryan Castilloux, Managing Director of Adamas Intelligence

The discussion tackled infrastructure challenges in Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption. Did you know that 80% of charging takes place at home and work?

Key takeaways included the importance of localizing battery manufacturing, addressing raw material supply chain challenges, and diversifying the supply chain. The Inflation Reduction Act is set to boost EV adoption in the USA, driven by national and state policies.

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Ryan Castilloux stressed the need for supply chain redundancy and an open attitude toward startups and new technologies.

Amir Tirosh, emphasized fast charging and fleet considerations also play a vital role in EV infrastructure landscape.

As the discussion concluded, a prevailing sense of optimism emerged among all panelists. Despite the challenges, there was a strong belief that new technologies and innovation will be the driving forces shaping the future of Electric Vehicles (EVs). The question is no longer “if” but rather “how fast” the transition to electrification will occur, and this pace, particularly in the USA, hinges largely on local government politics.

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