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I just attended a fantastic Panel Discussion on “How edge computing is changing connected vehicle capability“ at #MOVEAmerica.

The panel featured industry leaders:
Bob Rapp, Technical Fellow / AI Architect, Envorso
Craig Lozofsky, Chief Operating Officer, MOTER Technologies
Siddharth Shah, Vice President of Engineering, Canoo
Ken Johnston, CEO, Autonomic

A few topics the panel focused were
Sensing Dangerous Conditions through data management: The conversation highlighted how advanced sensors and data analysis can proactively detect and respond to hazardous road conditions and unforeseen weather events, contributing significantly to overall vehicle safety.
Collision Avoidance: they discussed the role of autonomous features and technology in accident prevention through real-time data processing, adaptive braking systems, and collision detection mechanisms.
As well as the use of data to identify potential vehicle issues preemptively, reducing the need for extensive recalls and enhancing consumer safety.

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The discussion extended to the significance of the current telematics systems in gathering and transmitting data for vehicle monitoring, diagnostics, and performance optimization. Underpinning these transformative discussions was the pivotal role of edge computing. It became evident that edge computing, with its real-time data processing capabilities at the source, is instrumental in driving dynamic clustering data. This, in turn, empowered the creation of predictive analytics models, revolutionizing the insurance sector and offering innovative solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

In essence, this panel discussion shed light on how cutting-edge technology, led by data-driven insights and edge computing, is reshaping the transportation industry. Having the potential to make transportation safer, more efficient, and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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