I had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion at MOVE America featuring panelists:
Monte Nichols, Executive VP and GM at Audi on Demand.
John Possumato, Esq. Chief Executive Officer at DriveltAway.

During the discussion, both panelists shared valuable perspectives on e-commerce strategies shaping the future of mobility.

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Monte Nichols discussed Audi on Demand, a premium app-based rental service accessible at select Audi dealerships. This service offers drivers a flexible rental experience, with options spanning daily, weekly, and monthly terms. Enhancing customer convenience, and dealership revenue opportunities through seamless pickup and delivery choices. Audi on Demand has substantially grown over time, encompassing a broader range of vehicles, dealerships, and innovative avenues for accessing Audi vehicles. Adding that their agile response to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly by integrating airport locations within Audi dealerships, demonstrated their adaptability in evolving circumstances.

Nichols also spoke about the potential for dealers to offer extended test drives as a means of making electric vehicles (EVs) more accessible to potential buyers who may not be ready for a purchase commitment, and underscored the importance of the insurance replacement market, which often leads to vehicle purchases post-collision repairs.

The key takeaway from Possumato‚Äôs standpoint is the imperative to make EVs accessible to a broader range of consumers, breaking the barriers to EVs access. The “pay as you go” model, as seen in Europe, offers a promising avenue for expanding EV adoption.

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