Dan Teeter and George Ayres with Craig Lozofsky of MOTER

We’ve just concluded our participation at MOVE America 2023, and I wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who connected with us and made it a resounding success.
MOVE America was a great event, a hub of innovation, collaboration, and inspiration. Your presence and connection truly made a difference.

George Ayres and Dan Teeter with Craig Lozofsky and Yohann Printer of GeoTab

Throughout the event, we had valuable discussions and explored potential collaborations, benefiting from the unique perspectives of both industry veterans and newcomers; startup founders and executives.

George Ayres and Chip Goetzinger are ready for business at MOVE America.
George Ayres with Mark Ortiz of EVBOX
New connections at the MOTER booth.
George Ayres, as always, having too much fun with Stefan Werner

I’d like to extend a special thanks to the MOVE America organizers and sponsors for their hard work in creating this fantastic platform.
As we move forward, I’d love to continue the momentum. We’re excited about the possibilities and innovations that were set in motion during this event. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to explore potential partnerships, or share your thoughts!
Thank you once again for making MOVE America 2023 a wonderful experience. Here’s to a future where mobility is smarter, more sustainable, and more inclusive, and to the wonderful connections we’ve forged along the way.

Connecting with old and new friends: Monte Nichols of Audi on Demand catching up with George Ayres
George Ayres with Skip Fleniken and Tony Rangel of ONE Media 3.0
New friends at the MOTER booth
George Ayres, Dat Teeter, Chip Goetzinger, Skip Fleniken and Tony Rangel of One Media 3.0
A great meeting of the minds and the aptly named Group Therapy Restaurant!

Stay tuned for updates as we engage in discussions and collaborations that contribute to shaping the future of mobility and transportation.

Mariestella Colón Astacio, Monte Nichols, and George Ayres enjoying an evening in Austin.