On Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 I attended a great panel discussion at Auto Tech: Detroit on “Expectations of Vehicle Connectivity in a Rapidly Evolving World”. Industry experts Dan Teeter, Advisory Director of AutoMobility Advisors; Greg Geiselhart, VP of Sales and Marketing of WirelessCar and Denise Barfuss, Senior Manager, Marketing & Operations, Connected Vehicles, Nissan Motor Corporation shared their insights. Stephen Bell, Chief Analyst of Connectivity at Wards Intelligence, skillfully moderated the discussion.

The panel explored challenges, opportunities, and the impact of vehicle connectivity on the automotive industry. Topics discussed included advanced connectivity features, AI and machine learning, privacy, and security considerations, and the potential of connected vehicles. Well attended and overall a great discussion.

All gained valuable insights into the future of vehicle connectivity.

Dan Teeter at a panel in Auto Tech Detroit