AutoMobility Advisors’ Dan and Hayden Teeter visit 2hire at their headquarters in Rome, Italy

AutoMobility Advisor’s Dan Teeter, Hayden Teeter and family recently had the opportunity to visit one of our clients, 2hire, at their headquarters in Rome, Italy. As a leading technology company in intelligent and connected mobility solutions, 2hire is dedicated to creating a connected world by connecting vehicles, bridging them with services and people. This mission aligns perfectly with AutoMobility Advisor’s focus on providing innovative solutions to their clients in the automotive industry.

Dan and Hayden’s visit provided a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of 2hire’s operations, as well as to build stronger relationships with the company’s leadership team. One of the highlights of Dan’s visit, was the great insight into the innovative technology solutions 2hire is developing, the company’s commitment to sustainability, and the ways in which they are building a strong company culture.

AMA and the Teeter family visits 2hire in Rome, Italy
AutoMobility Advisors’ Dan and Hayden Teeter visit 2hire in Rome, Italy

AutoMobility Advisor is working with 2hire to help them achieve their goals and make a positive impact on the world. Overall, Dan and Hayden Teeter’s visit to 2hire’s headquarters provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of intelligent and connected mobility solutions. Here at AutoMobility Advisors are proud to be part of the innovative work being done by 2hire, and hope to inspire others in the industry to embrace new technologies and work towards a more connected, sustainable future.