Photo Courtesy of Porsche Cars
Photo Courtesy of Porsche Cars

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George Ayres

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays from the growing AMA Team! 2022 has been a fantastic year for AMA and our clients. Since the start of the this year AMA has not only doubled in size, but also expanded our services to a variety of new companies looking to develop their automotive businesses to scale. We’d like to thank all of our clients for such a successful year, and as 2023 begins, we look forward to another prosperous year ahead.

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Mariestella Colon Astacio

A special thanks to our Creative Director, Mariestella Colon Astacio for her dedication and help with all of the AMA branding, AMA website, and all client-facing materials this year. You may not know that she also recently launched her own Yoga App now available on the Google and Apple App Stores. Check it out at the link below. Such a renaissance woman!

This year, AMA also brought on two new members:

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Dan Teeter

Dan Teeter: With nearly three decades of experience in the automotive industry working for both Ford Motor Company and Nissan, Dan brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to the AMA team. Joining in October as the Advisory Director, AMA is thrilled to have him on board to help our clients achieve their goals and to continue growing the business into 2023 and beyond. For more information, visit Dan’s LinkedIn at

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Hayden Teeter

Hayden Teeter: A junior at Harvard College, Hayden Teeter joined AMA as the Head of Market Research during the summer of 2022. Hayden conducts research for our clients and works to expand AMA’s business opportunities and operations. He is especially interested in the future of the automotive technology business. Hayden’s LinkedIn profile is accessible at

Our client list has grown rapidly this year. We have had the sincere pleasure of working with companies from across the automotive technology industry, from the US, UK, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland, and would like to take time to thank each of them individually. 

2hire: AMA and 2hire have worked together fruitfully throughout 2022 to expand their universal key technology to a myriad of oems, rental car companies, and subscription companies throughout Europe. For more information on 2hire, visit them at their website here or at their Linkedin page.

Avant Future Mobility: AMA has partnered with Avant, a specialized CASE placement firm to help companies find staffing solutions for their automobility needs. AMA looks forward to continuing this partnership into 2023 as the need for jobs in the automobility sector rapidly continues to grow. Information on Avant’s services are located on their website here

BlueFusion: In 2022, AMA began working with BlueFusion, a Boston-based firm focusing on low cost high capability assisted drive technologies. AMA would like to thank them for a beneficial and fruitful partnership!

Luxoft: AMA has had the opportunity to partner with Luxoft this year to advance business in the field of automotive technology. Thank you to Luxoft for a great year, and for more information, visit their website here and their LinkedIn page

Dan Teeter and George Ayres would also like to thank OneMedia ATSC 3.0 for the opportunities to participate in a series of webinars discussing the current state and emerging future of the automotive industry and its many surrounding ecosystems. Check out One Media here on their website or on their LinkedIn page.

WirelessCar: AMA is proud to start working with WirelessCar in a business development partnership in 2023. WirelessCar provides high-tech telematics solutions in a variety of fields including connected cars, and for more information on their business, visit them on their website here and their LinkedIn page

2022 has been a very busy and fruitful year for the AMA Team and our clients, and we are excited to provide our services into 2023 and beyond. Make sure to stay tuned for our report about AMA at CES 2023, and several other important announcements are coming soon. Once again, a wholehearted thank you from the AMA Team to all of our clients, and we wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season! Happy New Year!

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