A three-part webinar series from AutoMobility Advisors and ONE Media 3.0/Sinclair Broadcast Group
Webinars will be held on Thursdays at 12 PM Eastern, 9 AM Pacific, and 5 PM London time 
Each webinar is one hour for speaker presentations/discussion followed by 30 minutes of audience Q&A

Dates: October 27, November 10, and December 1   

The goal: Bring together automobile connectivity and broadcast network experts
and advance a conversation between them

Register: https://bit.ly/3eEPgr8

Webinar #1: October 27, 2022, 12:00 PM ET

Automotive and broadcast experts review the benefits and considerations of a NextGen Broadcast/Multicast Network (ATSC 3.0) and how it can supplement LTE and 5G


NextGen Broadcast/Multicast Network introduction
What is it? What can it do for Connected Vehicle (CV) connectivity? What testing has been done? Why consider testing now?

Cast.Era ATSC 3.0 Connected Vehicle testing
Cast.Era is a technology joint develop, join venture between SK Telecom, the largest carrier in South Korea, and Sinclair Broadcast Group. Automotive tests began in 2019, working with Korean broadcaster MBC, Hyundai Motors, and Mobius. Cast.Era is also working on a plan to add Multicast/Broadcast as a complementary service to 5G networks.

India’s “Direct to Consumer Broadcast” service where ATSC 3.0 becomes a 5G slice 
A custom version of ATSC 3.0 is being tested to become a slice within India’s 5G infrastructure.

A report from companies aggregating ATSC 3.0 networks into national networks
Automotive use of NextGen Broadcast/Multicast makes the most economic sense if deployed nationally. BitPath currently has 400 of the US’s 1,700 commercial TV stations onboard. We will talk about this and other Broadcast/Multicast aggregation services.

Register for the webinar: https://bit.ly/3eEPgr8

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